What is SG Liquid Metal Jewelry and why Should I Buy it

Posted on March 27, 2019 by SG Liquid Metal

SG Liquid Metal Jewelry is a handmade, copyrighted and patented jewelry collection by Sergio Gutierrez.

Each design is handcrafted from ball chain and the line is a signature mesh that makes each piece as unique as the person who wears it.

It has been around now for more than 20 years and it does not run out of style like other numerous collections out there.

The beauty of the SG Liquid Metal Jewelry it’s that is of a soft fluid mesh style with a smooth silky feel on the skin, so much that the customers end up wearing it daily, like a second skin, and an extension of themselves.

Liquid Metal is a creation not only on jewelry, but it has ventured into apparel, leather bags, cell phone bags, belts and many more with its unique mesh inserts.

SG Liquid Metal Jewelry

The SG Liquid Metal Jewelry collection is very extensive.

What should I buy?

Well, if you’re a new customer for sure you have to try the classic Liquid Metal Jewelry line, like the B10, B9, TB32, TB34, B44, B11, B26 etc. on the white catalog for retailers or on our Classics for online shoppers.

Try the Chrome finish and some of the Antique Silver (but remember to polish the silver once in a while with a silver cloth).

If you already tried them and want to expand your collection, go for styles in the gold finish 24k, antique gold 24k, or the black chrome.

They are great sellers!

And if you want a dressier look for a night out, go with the Roots collection, as they all have a wide variety of beautiful crystals.

SG Liquid Metal Jewelry

This SG Liquid Metal Jewelry Collection uses Liquid Wave Solder in a unique “flame fusion” technique.

Dresses, Skirts, Vests, and Tops…

Daring, eye-catching and innovative describes Liquid Metal Jewelry by Sergio Gutierrez line.

Incorporating his signature ball chain design mesh theme, Sergio transforms ball chain into dresses, skirts, tops into stylish fashion-forward pieces.

Sergio’s designs give new meaning to the term heavy metal Dresses, Skirts, Vests, and Tops…


The sleek and seductive metal creations wrap smoothly around a woman’s body and are chic and sexy for unique occasions when goddess meets art to wear.

SG Liquid Metal Jewelry

Liquid Metal Jewelry Necklaces and Chokers…

The designs of Sergio’s necklaces and chokers display his unique creativity.

His bold and innovative use of the metal ball chain creates a fresh new look and an interesting new take on the traditional necklace and choker in today’s market.

With a variety of styles to choose from they are the perfect accessories to complete any outfit.

From Sergio’s bold cathedral inspired crosses to his long and chic chain necklaces his designs transform everyday jewelry into pieces of art.

SG Liquid Metal Jewelry - Cooper Phillip


Sergio Gutierrez’s denim collection combines metal craftsmanship mesh in gold and silver with suede leather to create a trendy high end look perfect for any age and occasion.

These embellishments on denim transform the traditional denim into a stylish fun and fashionable piece of clothing.

This collection is totally out of the ordinary, it really stands out.

Each item fusions SG Liquid Metal mesh embellishments with the denim, which show the workmanship of our unique company brand imprint.

The embellishments are made of Liquid Metal Jewelry mesh inlaid with washable fine leather borders.

It is done by a unique technique of small eyelets applied on the denim, where the mesh immerse into the jean design.



Liquid Metal Jewelry by Sergio Gutierrez line of purses That comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles.

These handmade creations are perfect for day or evening occasions. The line incorporates leather and suede into each purse collection.

From sexy clutches to practical and beautifully designed totes, these work of art pieces creates powerful statements.

The mesh designs add a silky sensibility and zest to the high quality is available in a variety of colors, prints, and styles.


What is the difference between Liquid Metal Jewelry Chrome finish and Antique Silver finish and the advantage of buying these finishes?

Chrome is a shinier finish, has a very good price range and it does not tarnish or change color so easily, it’s very low maintenance for the stores to carry on display and for customers to wear it.

Liquid Metal Jewelry Antique Silver finish is of higher quality, this finish will last longer over the base bronze ball chain.

However, it is a sterling silver finish, so like any Silver, it needs polishing once in a while especially if it is not worn, with time it needs cleaning.

If you buy Liquid Metal Jewelry line in Silver finish and place it in your store you do need to polish it every now and then and for that, you do need a silver polishing cloth at best.

Store owners that do not polish the silver jewelry will have a hard time selling it because the items just won’t look nice and shiny as they should.

This finish is also made in house one by one individually making it look slightly antique and special for the customer, there may be a slight variation in tones from one item to the other.

There are new SG Liquid Metal Jewelry in Stainless Steel as seen on this Special Edition online, what is that all about?

SG Liquid Metal Jewelry by Sergio Gutierrez, as many other brands create special edition and one of a kind items, these items are 100% stainless steel and they are very durable, very strong and they’re 35% lighter in weight.

The designer has created collections and items that are more expensive due to the complex labor-intense techniques and materials involved.

A good example is the stainless steel collection.


Higher-end and Limited Edition

Now, if you want to go higher-end, go with the Together collection, Limited Edition or One of the Kind pieces.

They are a bit more pricey, but the Art craftsmanship, special stones, meteorite, stylish, fashionable, different, unique, and original forms are quite a statement. Unquestionably worth it.


SG Liquid Metal Jewelry by Sergio Gutierrez’s designs are collected and worn by celebrities such as Demi Moore, Cher, Patricia Wettig, Marilyn Manson, Tony Braxton, Michelle Gellar, Tyra Banks, Julie Warner and many more.

SG-liquid-metal-jewelry-celebrity-Annette Bening

People who wear his Liquid Metal Jewelry and accessories daily as if they were an extension of themselves, value the comfort and uniqueness of the wonderful mesh designs Sergio has created.


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