SG Liquid Metal, Behind the Designer

Posted on June 10, 2019 by SG Liquid Metal

Sergio Gutiérrez Unique Inspirations

Sergio Gutierrez is the founder and designer of international renown SG Liquid Metal brand. SG Liquid Metal is a company that creates mesh-like fabric in clothes, purses, and jewelry. Sergio is originally from Colombia, where he studied electrical engineering in Medellin.

A few years later he moved to San Francisco, where he explored the use of ball chains with mesh-like fabric. Very soon after that, he successfully developed a metal-like mesh into jewelry and other accessories.

Many can’t help but wonder where jewelry designer Sergio Gutierrez gets his inspiration from. Some of it is from artifacts draw inspiration from 16th-century its Renaissance art inspiration from God to create beautiful architectural temples, music and many more.

Sg Liquid Metal Source of Inspiration for Jewelry Designer Sergio Gutierrez

At that time, for example, ring mesh links were considered to be some of the best protection against stab wounds, material that also inspires Gutierrez and comes from the early Chinese dynasties.

One of his main sources of inspiration, however, is cathedrals. He says that cathedrals are very reminiscent of his youth past when we lived as a teenager in Europe. Since he can remember, he has been inspired by everything from their unique floor plans to their stain- glass windows, while some of it is also from Renaissance combat armor.

He also cites some of the designers of these historic cathedrals.

For example, Filippo Brunelleschi was the main designer of Fiore in Florence. He was a jewelry goldsmith before becoming an architect.

For his designs, Gutierrez mixes his ball chains with fine stainless-steel chainmail with all sorts of shapes, such as arches and domes. He says that the process is very difficult and requires countless hours of work and tweaking.

Sergio Gutierrez Inspiration

One thing that is very noticeable about most of Gutierrez products is that most of them stand out for their rich patterns and textures.

Celebrity Use

Sergio Gutierrez has made quite a name for himself since he started in the 1990s. Not only do his designs sell in many stores, but several celebrities have also warned them as well.

Annette Bening, for example, is often seen wearing Gutierrez‘s B11 bracelets. 

They have also been worn in several movies including Wild Target, Breaking Bad, Queen of the damned, Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Annette Bening Wearing SG Liquid Metal Bracelet by Jewelry Designer Sergio Gutierrez

Gutierrez work has also been featured in many magazines, such as Ocean Drive, Maxim’s, Accessories mag, in style, Vogue, Rolling stones and many others.


Chainmail is made of numerous intricate links of small rings and very hard to cut into shapes. Most scholars believe that the Celts invented it in around the third century. It was basically their version of a bulletproof vest. The average vest weighed around 30 pounds, and it impressed the Romans so much that they quickly adopted it for their own armor. The Vikings were also known to use chainmail and it was very common until the 15th century.

Even in Renaissance time, chainmail was expensive to make due to the materials involved, including iron. Its prices were raised as improvements were made not only in the designs but also in the craftsmanship. Originally chainmail was made by sewing iron rings into the fabric. Finding very small chainmail links is difficult and only a handful of companies make it at high prices.

Sergio Gutierrez Liquid Metal Jewelry

Today, small amounts of chainmail are still used in butcher’s gloves and some shark divers use it to prevent being bitten. However, chainmail is heavy and very hard to swim in.

It is very easy to see why something like chainmail would inspire jewelry designer Sergio Gutierrez. Its accentuation to fashion today makes a new statement of tough and resistant.

Gothic Cathedrals

Sergio Gutierrez says that Gothic Cathedrals, in particular, are a major part of his inspiration. Gothic Cathedrals are known for their closely ribbed vaults and flying buttresses, which was a new technique for holding up tall thin walls. They were also known for being the first to use stained glass windows extensively for illustrating biblical stories.

The Gothic style emerged in the late 12th century after the new monarchy of the Capetians overcame the feudal lords and abbots. They made an alliance with the bishops of northern France. Together, they agreed to start building the Gothic Cathedrals as a sign of their wealth, faith, and power. Since they didn’t have computer technology back then, they relied on three-dimensional scale models to ensure their success.

Sg Liquid Metal Chainmail

The Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most famous thanks to Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It stands out in many ways. Its flying buttresses stand outside, it’s rose windows, and it’s the use of naturalism.

Some of these window patterns and cross shapes can be seen on some of Sergio’s jewelry, straight angles, and diamond shapes.

For example, the soft mesh necklaces with the gold finish somewhat resemble the window column patterns in the stained-glass windows.

Other Inspirations

Gutierrez also clearly gets some of his inspirations from biblical stories. For example, he has made a Star of David within a diamond pendant. Some of the crosses also closely resemble the Celtic cross.

Sg Liquid Metal Behind the Designer Sergio Gutierrez

Especially when modeled, you can tell that some of his products are rather Romanesque. Other interesting added figures to these crosses and design are those grinded down computer microchip “skeletons of today’s inside tech” as he calls them, making his designs superbly original and patented.

Determining Gutierrez

Sergio Gutierrez is perhaps the first designer to put his engineering degree to rather unique use. Engineering and jewelry design are not typically associated together. Also, all of Gutierrez’s products are handmade. The materials and endless hours of work that go into making them are authentic, which is why they’re one of a kind.

Gutierrez application for ancient times is unique. Time has seen many evolutions in ancient symbols being used in jewelry and his also will resonate in time as something special.

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