Care Instructions

How to clean our mesh jewelry:

All finishes may be cleaned with toothpaste or hand soap and hot water. Simply put the toothpaste or soap on a towel or toothbrush to rub the jewelry with it. Dry it out completely afterwards, so no water residues are left on the jewelry (a hair dryer may do the trick).

A silver polishing cloth may be used on the nickel and silver finishes. Also, the gold finish may be cleaned with a gold polishing cloth.

We recommend the cleaning cloths from

Do not use any liquid cleaners. They may be too strong and may wear off the finish on your Liquid Metal piece.

Tips to help our jewelry last longer:

• Avoid salt water. 
• Avoid putting heavy objects on jewelry, especially when is bent. 
• Try not to expose our jewelry to strong chemicals. 
• If you notice that your jewelry is getting damaged, please contact us. 
• Do not try to repair the jewelry yourself and do not take it to a jeweler. We have the experience to properly repair our designs. 
• In most cases, when the ball-chain is ripped apart, it’s not fixable.

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