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SG Liquid Metal brings you a Denim limited Edition collection

These blue jeans collection are totally out of the ordinary, they really stand out. Each item fusions SG liquid Metal mesh embellishments, that show the workmanship of our unique company brand imprint. In this case we really blend mesh and Denim.

Embellishment are made of LM mesh inlayed on to washable fine leather borders, by a unique technique of small eyelets applied on the denim were the mesh immerse into the jean design. These applications are very unique they are a jewel to wear and no one ells makes anything like it.

Adding to that there is a great variety of different denim finishes. Jeans have several washing, coatings and polish techniques involve. Some even have metallic silver foil bushes finish to them, giving all items a special touch.

The Jeans and jackets in this limited edition are meaningful items to acquire, they will attract attention, they will catch the eye of jeans lovers and best of all, you can be confident you have an unusual treasure, that won’t repeat itself in the years to come.

“An original Craftsmanship is not one who imitates nobody, but one whom nobody can imitate.” 

“Hope this inspiration fuels your imagination for years to come.” SG

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