5 Ways to Wear Jeans (in style)

Posted on October 28, 2016 by sergio gutierrez

A pair of jeans is a garment that you can't be without in your wardrobe, it is a basic essential, but you have to know how to wear them with style.

We have prepared a selection of looks that flaunt stylish jeans, so you can get a good idea of how to combine them. Don't miss it!

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1. Classic

Jeans with a white shirt, a classic which doesn't need much more of an explanation. A great combination for wearing day-to-day that I'm sure you've worn on more than one occasion.

Do you want to add an elegant touch to this look? Add our most-sold bracelet to the outfit.

2. Rock

Jeans, leather jacket and sunglasses make for a real rock look of the pure Greasestyle.

Create a different look by changing the color of the jacket and adding other accessories, such as this magnificent necklace from our special edition.

3. Casual

For a casual look, nothing better than a good pair of jeans, comfortable shoes and a loose sweater.

In this case, the torn jeans give the differential touch to the whole outfit, but you can create a similar effect with normal jeans.

We recommend adding a special necklace to give the outfit a different touch.

4. Elegant

If you want to wear jeans and look elegant, you need a pair of pretty, high heels that make your legs look slender. Also, if the jeans are the skinny type, all the better.

How about adding one of our belts? It would definitely complete the look to perfection.

5. Vintage

Vintage style is in fashion, we know. So, you must get some high jeans, '70s style, that you can combine with a plain shirt.

Match it up with one of our bracelets to create a look which will stand out.

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Best Looks of Fashion Bloggers in September

Posted on October 14, 2016 by sergio gutierrez

It's gradually getting colder on the streets as we move into the fall season. During the month of September we've had to update our wardrobe with warm clothes, leaving the summery looks behind.

We wanted to review the best looks of fashion bloggers during the month of September, where they show us how they adapt to the new season. Don't miss it!

1. Wendy Nguyen: Funnel neck sweatshirt & Tall boots

During the past month, Wendy showed us this fantastic look on her blog, with classic colors, perfect for this time of year.

We'd like to highlight the long boots, which we've seen in numerous fashion bloggers' looks this past month, so it seems they're a strong trend this season.

2. Extra Petite: Off Shoulder Sweater (Dress) Season

We love Jean, an adorable fashion blogger from Boston. She's less than five foot tall, so her blog is geared towards short people.

We like the look we've chosen for its originality: use a long sweater as a dress, and create this fabulous look. When it comes to dressing, creative thinking can achieve extraordinary results.

We can see brown tones in accessories, perfect for moving into the fall season.

3. Gal Meets Glam: Jumping into Fall

As we mentioned in a previous article, vintage style is a trend this fall, as Julia shows us in her blog.

In this fantastic look we've chosen, we can see a pretty vintage-style blouse, in classic tones, which certainly adds elegance to the whole outfit, but a more modern touch is also added with the torn jeans.

The leopard jacket adds a distinguishing touch to the whole look.

4. Unfancy: Fall Outfit

Caroline exhibits a beautiful look with her favorite palette of colors: Cognac brown, smokey black, and shades of white. The same one she uses to decorate her house.

Undoubtedly, a simple and elegant look, perfect for every day, suitable to get us into the swing of fall. And we love the open boots.

5. Wish Wish Wish: Brand New Basics

Finally, Carrie shows us that you needn't spend a fortune to achieve a good look this season.

Her modern lookis made up, mainly, of garments she's managed to pick up in the GAP outlet: a pair of girlfriend jeans, a plain white tee and a knit.

We can see how Carrie, as do many fashion bloggers, opts for the classic colors of this time of year.


And now it's up to you to decide: Which is your favorite look?

We hope this has given you some inspiration for updating your wardrobe this season. Don't forget to check out our shop online to pick up those garments which will finish off your look, and take advantage of the 20% discount in our Leather Bags collection (use the code SALE20LEBA) or enjoy a 20% discount in our SG Apparel collection (use the code SALE20SGAP), both are valid until November 20, 2016.

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Winners of the draw #ShowYourSGLM

Posted on September 19, 2016 by sergio gutierrez

A few weeks ago we asked you to share photos of your look with Liquid Metal products by Sergio Gutierrez to take part in the draw for a magnificent selection of products. The time has come to find out who is the winner!

It's been an interesting few weeks on the social networks, we've had a really good time, and we hope you have too!

We were delighted with the non-stop avalanche of incredible pictures of you all, which is why we have a surprise for all of you, but you'll have to carry on reading to find out what it is.

What did you have to do to take part?

First, we'll do a quick review of what was needed to take part: All you had to do was publicly share a photo of yourself wearing one of the Liquid Metal products by Sergio Gutierrez on social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram), not forgetting to include the hashtag #ShowYourSGLM, before September 9th, 2016.

The more photos you shared, the more chance you had of winning!


You've really gone out of your way to take part in this draw, and we've received dozens of photos. We love them all!

We would like to thank you all for taking part.

Thanks to Ann French, alias @_glitterboss_, who has delighted us on Instagram with her lovely photos.

Thanks to Donna Johnson and her curious story: At her daughter's wedding, all the matrons of honor, aunts and the bride herself wore Liquid Metal jewelry by Sergio Gutierrez. We loved it!

Thanks to Melissa Nunley, one of the people who shared the most photos. You have to send us a video of one of your concerts, we can't wait to hear you sing!

Thanks to Alisa Khoury Moretti. We loved her natural look, which shows that our bracelets are perfect for wearing every day.

Thanks to Emery Cowan for the most artistic photo of all. We were impressed!

Thanks to Gail D. for the most rocker look of all, and the place is amazing!

Thanks to @Klara619 for showing us how to eat sushi in style. A lovely photo!

And many thanks to everyone else! It's impossible to mention all the participants, but you can see all those who have taken part in the prize draw photo gallery #ShowYourSGLM on our Facebook.

And the winner is...

At last, it's time to find out the winner of the draw. We've left it to chance, and the lucky person to win the selection of products is... Melissa Nunley!

This is the winning photo:

Congratulations! Remember that the prize consists of the following selection of products:

  • Necklace RTN1BLK Mesh in Black Chrome
  • Bracelet RTB18BLK Mesh in Black Chrome
  • Ring RTR4BLK Mesh in Black Chrome

We will contact you shortly to send you your prize.

However, due to the large number of participants, we have decided to award two additional prizes.

Firstly, we have decided to offer a 15% discount to all those who have taken part in this draw so you can use it the next time you buy a Liquid Metal product by Sergio Gutierrez in our shop.

We'll contact you soon to give you your discount code. Keep an eye on the social networks!

And secondly, we have decided to give a prize to the most artistic photoof all those which were submitted. And the winner of this special prize is... Emery Cowan! With her wonderful photo at the piano:

We loved your photo! The prize is our bracelet "B26 Antique Silver”.

We will contact you shortly to give you your prize.

We hope you've enjoyed this draw as much as we have!

Thanks to all of you for taking part, and to those who didn't take part this time, we encourage you to do so in the future.

And remember that although the prize draw has finished, we love it when you share your photos wearing Liquid Metal products by Sergio Gutierrez. See you on the social networks!

7 Trends for Fall 2016

Posted on September 12, 2016 by sergio gutierrez

Autumn is almost here, so it's time to renew our wardrobes to be up to date with the latest fashion.

Are you ready for the new season? Discover the seven trends for this fall that you cannot miss.

1. Military-style coats

Military-style jackets and coats with gold buttons are one of the big trends for this fall.

In Nordstrom you can find this coat that we really liked, it's available in two different colors, it's hard to say which is the nicest!

The best of all? It will match perfectly with our special-edition bracelet with an antique-gold finish.

2. Vintage Style

In general, everything that was fashionable in the '70s is back in fashion this fall, so if you still have all your clothes from back then, you're in luck.

There are also specialized shops which only sell vintage-style clothing. So whatever you buy is guaranteed to be in fashion!

One of the shops we like is ModCloth, where you can find this true '70s-style blouse.

We recommend you take a look at our handmade Italian leather bag, available in several colors, to complete the look.

3. Boho dress

The unmistakable boho dress is one of the trends which is coming back strong for this fall. It began to be seen on the streets this summer, but it will be more prominent now during the fall.

We really liked this one we saw in Lulus,but they have many more designs we love too, so we recommend you take a look at their shop online.

You can combine it with these earrings, with an antique-silver finish, from our special-edition collection.

4. Neckerchief

Another old fashion which sees a comeback this fall is the neckerchief. If you are one of those who always wanted to recreate the style of the movie Grease, this season you're in luck.

In Seasalt Cornwall, we found this neckerchief, available in several colors.

You can combine it with one of our special-edition rings.

5. Ballerina Style

Of all the trends for this season, this is one of our favorites.

This fall, tulle skirts, bodies and ballet-flats with bows will be in fashion... Everything that recreates the light and elegant style of ballerinas.

In Asos we found this pretty tulle skirtwhich we immediately fell in love with, it was love at first sight.

To complete this delicate look, nothing better than our most characteristic bracelet, with its fantastic silky feel, as with all our jewelry.

6. Cropped pants

These trousers have been fashionable before, and they will continue to be fashionable this fall.

In Nordstrom, as well as the military coat we showed you at the beginning of this article, we also found these trousers which are perfect for keeping up with fashion this fall.

You can combine them with our limited-edition bracelet with a beautiful Onyx stone.

7. Mustard color

And finally, the color par excellance for this fall: mustard.

An intense color with a strong comeback this season. If you want to be fashionable, you have to get a garment this color as soon as you can.

In GoJane we saw this pretty mustard-colored dress, a must-have in your wardrobe!

To complete the look we recommend this elegant bracelet with an antique-silver finish from our special-edition collection.


We hope you've taken good note of the trends for this fall.

If you liked it, share it on social networks! And tell us which one is your favorite trend of all.

The meaning of gemstones

Posted on September 01, 2016 by sergio gutierrez

Precious stones have been used since antiquity to adorn jewelry, not only for their immense beauty, but also for their given properties in popular culture.

We will explain the meaning of seven gemstones which are most valued by humanity, so that you can learn about the history which is hidden behind each one.

1. Onyx

There are several tones of this stone, but undoubtedly the most striking is the one which is such an intense black that it is hard to take your eyes off it.

It has always been very precious and used, above all, in jewelry. For example, it was used by the Romans to make earrings and brooches, and they added the signs of the zodiac to them, to use them as talismans.

Popular culture describes it as a stone which can attract and dissolve negative vibrations, thus protecting the wearer and transmitting seriousness, humility and confidence.

Leaving legends to one side, the onyx is undoubtedly a superb stone which brings elegance to any look, which is why we invite you to discover our limited-edition bracelet in antique silver with onyx, and the matching ring.

2. Emerald

The emerald, with its characteristic green tone, has always been extremely sought-after, given its rarity.

From the Egyptians, to the Mayans, up to the present day, it has always been one of the stones most valued by humanity.

Thus, it is no wonder that you can admire those most famous pieces in some of the most important museums in the world. For example, amongst the collection of the American Museum of Natural History in New York there is a valuable cup made completely of emerald, placed right next to “Patricia”, one of the largest Colombian crystals in the world.

Commonly known as the stone of love, the emerald is also the gemstone par excellence used to commemorate the 20th and the 35th wedding anniversary in some countries.

Amongst our collection of limited-edition jewelry, which can only be bought online, is this beautiful bracelet adorned with a unique emerald which will undoubtedly attract your attention.

3. Alexandrite

Alexandrite is an extremely rare precious stone which is fascinating to look at, given that the color of it depends on the light and the angle at which it is looked at.

It is a dark green gemstone, but it changes color in daylight, having a reddish purple glimmer, as seen clearly in the photograph.

It was discovered during the mid-nineteenth century, immediately becoming an essential gemstone in Russian jewelry.

However, there's no need to go there to enjoy it. You can find this wonderful bracelet with an antique-silver finish and a beautiful alexandrite gemstone in our shop online.

If you like it, don't think twice, because it is a limited edition.

4. Amethyst

Amethyst, with its beautiful violet colors, is undoubtedly one of the most treasured precious stones, along with diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald which was mentioned previously.

The most perfect ones have been cut for jewelry for thousands of years, as the Egyptians did, and the rest are used in works of art.

It can be found in a variety of hues, which is why there are several jeweler's terms to describe it. The “Rose de France” variety is defined by its light lilac color, as pretty as that of the gemstone seen in the photograph, whilst the “Siberian” variety describes those which have a deep violet color with red hues.

It is commonly known as the stone of peace and love. Very often, couples exchange them as a symbol to strengthen their commitment. Many families also have one at home, as it is believed to have the ability to purify, clarify and harmonize the energy within the home, thus bringing happiness.

Amongst our collection, we have a magnificent necklace with an amethyst and an antique-silver finish, and with the matching bracelet, both are perfect to stand out from the crowd.

5. Malachite

Malachite has an intense dark green color, immediately taking our thoughts to thick forests.

It is one of the most ancient precious stones, used by different civilizations throughout history. It was worshipped by the Egyptian pharaohs, who almost always used it in their clothes and headdresses, since they thought it would help them to rule wisely. Today, for example, it is used as the base of the FIFA World Cup Trophy.

In popular culture, malachite is known as “the stone of transformation”, it is believed to have the power to help us see what we do not want to see, to guide us in times of change, to encourage us to take risks, to release inhibitions and express what we feel.

In our limited-edition collection we have a magnificent necklace, with an antique-silver finish, adorned with a magnificent malachite, without a doubt it would be worthy of Cleopatra herself.

6. Turquoise

This stone, scarce and valuable, has been treasured for thousands of years due to its characteristic color, which is usually blue-green.

It is a delicate gemstone, which is usually extracted by hand, and comes in a variety of colors, ranging from white to dark blue, including sky-blue, blue-green and yellow-green.

It has been used in all kinds of jewelry from the beginning of civilization, adorning the Egyptians, the Incas, the Aztecs and the Persians, among others. Many are believed to have the power to protect its wearer, attract fortune and happiness and stimulate beauty.

In some regions, it is used in love magic, giving it to the loved one with the aim of achieving harmony. It is said that if the love of the person who was given the stone fades, its color will also fade.

If you would like to wear jewelry with a stone as precious as turquoise, amongst our limited edition you can find this beautiful bracelet and necklace set.

7. Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is an intense, deep blue gemstone, making it one of the most beautiful in the world; hence, it is widely used in jewelry.

It was much valued by the Egyptians, who used it to adorn the sacred scarabs and the funeral masks, since its color was considered a symbol of purity, health, luck and nobility.

Since the Middle Ages, it was made into powder to produce a characteristic ultramarine color, used for dying fabrics or used by the most illustrious painters, such as Leonardo da Vinci, being so valuable that it came to be called "blue gold".

Lapis lazuli has always been appreciated by numerous nations: For example, the kings of France adored this stone, which is why the treasure of the French crown has magnificent objects that include it, and today, it is the national stone of Chile.

Even among those who believe that Atlantis existed, there is the rumor that it rose thanks to lapis lazuli.

In popular culture, it is considered to be the stone of truth and friendship, and it is believed to foster harmony in relationships.

Amongst our limited-edition jewelry you can find this beautiful necklace adorned with a magnificent lapis lazuli, perfect for wearing day-to-day.

7 Fashion Bloggers you should be following on Instagram

Posted on August 18, 2016 by sergio gutierrez

7 Fashion Bloggers you should be following on Instagram

There are millions of Instagram accounts, and hundreds of Fashion Bloggers who inspire us each day with their looks, but you can't miss the seven we've chosen for you.

If you don't follow them yet, you will do after taking a look at their amazing photos. And don't forget to follow us too on Instagram: @liquidmetalcollection

1. Just a Tina Bit

Tina is a Fashion Blogger from Seattle who catches our attention and thrills us with each of the photos she posts on Instagram, they have that special touch which make them unique.

She defines herself as a feminine, elegant girl, with an affordable style. She firmly believes that a good look doesn’t mean spending all your savings.

From the latest photos she has posted, this one on the beach is the one we liked the most, for the serenity it conveys.

Instagram: @justatinabit

Web: Just a Tina Bit

2. Clarabelle

Clare is the second Fashion Blogger we recommend you start following right now, if you’re not already doing so.

On Instagram she mixes photos of her outfits with those of her adorable daughter, Hannah, and all her photos are filled with incredible brightness.

From amongst all the beautiful pictures she has, we chose this one where she is with the sunflowers, because it inspires us so much.

Instagram: @clarabellecwb

Web: Clarabelle

3. That Girl Gick

Thida loves fashion, and it's reflected on her Instagram, which is why you shouldn't miss any of her photos.

On her website, she tells us that her style depends on her mood: feminine, daring or simply classic. And as we can see in her photos, frills and lace are her favorites.

We love the picture we chose because, as Thida says, it conveys the feeling of summer.

Instagram: @thatgirlgick

Web: That Girl Gick

4. Wannabe Fashion Blogger

Tamryn is a Fashion Blogger who lives in San Francisco, with a unique style which makes her photos stand out.

Besides, the name of her web, as well as her Instagram account, curiously come from the description she used in the photos she posted on Instagram, until she finally decided to start her own fashion blog.

We love the photo we chose to illustrate her, because it's simply different from the rest.

Instagram: @wannabefashionblogger

Web: Wannabe Fashion Blogger

5. A Styled Love Affair

We like the style that Nicole displays in her photos, which is why she's a Fashion Blogger you shouldn't miss.

She describes herself as a fashion lover and a shoe addict, which is why she loves the phrase "Life is short, buy the shoes.”

We could spend hours looking at the photo we chose to represent her, for all that it conveys.

Instagram: @astyledloveaffair

Web: A Styled Love Affair

6. Winton Avenue

If you don't follow this wonderful Fashion Blogger yet, you have to get onto her Instagram right now and start following her.

She combines photos of her outfits and the places she visits, as well as her lifestyle and flowers, lots of flowers. If you need inspiration, her pictures are perfect.

We love the photo we chose because it brought a smile to our faces.

Instagram: @winton_ave

Web: Winton Avenue

7. Style Waltz

McKenna is the last Fashion Blogger we want to recommend, but not the least important.

Her photos, filled with brightness, convey happiness, which is easily catching, and we always love her look. Amongst her photos, we can also see some of her son, George, who is absolutely delightful.

We chose this photo because it reflects McKenna's style to a tee, and her enormous smile.

Instagram: @mckennatrahan

Web: Style Waltz


We hope we've managed to inspire you with this selection of Instagram accounts that you shouldn't miss. Which is your favorite of the seven?

Check you now follow all of them. And of course, don't forget to follow us too on Instagram: @liquidmetalcollection

And if you liked it, share the article on social networks. Your friends will thank you for it!

Celebrity Spot Light

Posted on September 23, 2015 by Alejandro Recio

Cherished by celebrities of all ages, Sergio Gutierrez’s  Liquid Metal Collection drapes the bodies of today’s most recognizable celebrities like, Annette Bening (often photographed with liquid metal B11 bracelet), Fergie, Cher, Demi Moore, Toni Braxton, Sharon Stone, Julie Warner, Marilyn Manson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Garcelle Beauvais, Eva Longoria, Sarah Chalk, Coco Austin, Thalia and  Tyra Banks among many others. They are past and current clients of the collection loving its elegant simplicity and sensuality of the mesh.

Also many movies and TV shows features various items of the collection among some are Breaking Bad with Skylar White, Queen of the Damned with Aaliyah and Stuart Townsend, Wild Target with Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt, Eternal Sunshine and the Spotless Mind with  Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet.