Second chances exist. We're celebrating Cyber Monday!

Posted on November 28, 2016 by sergio gutierrez

Did you miss our Black Friday discounts? You're in luck! We're giving you an extra 24 hours to make the most of them.

This Monday, once more, you can enjoy three different discounts in our shop online: 10% off all our jewelry, 20% off our Leather Bags collection and 25% off our Apparel collection. Don't miss them!

Take this opportunity to indulge yourself, you deserve it...

You have another opportunity to get that bag you know you want...

Don't miss those limited edition jeans you've fallen in love with...

Take this new opportunity to add to your collection of SG Liquid Metal!


Cyber Monday SALE

SSBlackFriday2016 Discount Code for Stainless Steel Collection (10%)

SEBlackFriday2016 Discount Code for Special Edition Collection (10%)

LEBlackFriday2016 Discount Code for Leather Bags Collection (20%)

APBlackFriday2016 Discount Code for SG Apparel Collection (25%)

The discounts are valid for purchases made in our shop online on 11/28/16, Pacific Time.