5 Best Looks of Fashion Bloggers in November

Posted on December 01, 2016 by sergio gutierrez

Another month comes to an end as the chill of the fall season creeps onto the streets. At this time of year, no one steps outside without a good overcoat, as seen in the looks of fashion bloggers this month.

Don't miss our selection of the best outfits of the month!

1. Wish Wish Wish

Carrie, who we previously selected amongst the best looks of fashion bloggers in September, is back on our list again.

She's dressed in a style which is typical of this season, combining shades of brown and black. Undoubtedly, the scarf is lovely.

2. Southern Curls & Pearls

Fleeing from the dull colors we tend to see at this time of year, Caitlin's look, without a doubt, is one of this month's selections.

Combining shades of pink, white and gray, she transmits such a warm feeling. What stands out the most is the sweater which must certainly be extremely warm.

3. Sequins & Things

Alyson is another fashion blogger who, once again, has sneaked onto our list of best looks, we chose one of her looks in October.

Combining garments in shades of brown and black, and a checkered scarf, which is definitely in fashion, since we've seen it in many more fashion bloggers' outfits, she creates an amazing look.

4. With Love from Kat

Another of our selections this month, without a doubt, is Kat's fantastic look.

Combining black, red and brown, she creates a really striking look with a country air to it. The lovely waistcoat really stands out.

5. Atlantic Pacific

And last but not least, amongst our selected looks of the month is this one, from Blair, who has a real festive air about her.

We can see that squares dominate, and the scarf stands out, we said they were in fashion.


And that's our selection for this month! Which look do you like the most? Tell us about it on our Facebook.

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